Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate Rep. Teresa Fedor Reacts to Recovery of Three Missing Girls in Cleveland, “The Cleveland Miracle”

Toledo lawmaker notes vital importance of demand reduction policy

COLUMBUS- This past Tuesday, Ohioans were relieved to learn of the 3 missing girls from Cleveland who managed to escape their captor. Upon hearing the news, Rep. Fedor (D-Toledo) issued the following statement:

 “It’s a Cleveland miracle. I am so incredibly happy for the families of the three missing girls. The families never gave up hope and have been reunited with their loved ones. I am focused on passing relevant legislation such as the End Demand Act to prevent and protect Ohio’s children and adults from situations like the story in Cleveland.”

 For the past eight years, Rep. Fedor has been a leading advocate for children and women caught in the human trafficking cycle, and is now urging lawmakers to pass HB 130, the End Demand Act, in an attempt to increase the penalties for sexual predators convicted of harming Ohio’s at-risk children and adults. 

 If you’d like more information on the significant steps Ohio is taking to combat this topic, please contact the office of State Representative Teresa Fedor.