Lorena Today

Mujer Latina Today is a powerful Social Media Platform that connects, inspires and informs the Latino community in Ohio, the Midwest and the rest of the United States.

Mujer Latina Today is a highly recognized website dedicated to “The voice of today’s Latinos” with more than 1,000 interviews on her YouTube Channel and more than 140 interviews on Lorena Today on Apple Podcast.  MujerLatinaToday interviews have highlighted the lives of many Latinos in Ohio and all across the U.S. and has made an impact and inspired others through their stories.

Why Latinos need to share their stories?  Because we often forget that the stories of everyday, hardworking Latinos need to be told. These stories can inspire future generations. When people see MujerLatinaToday.com they see the faces and hear the voices of Latinos of every shape and color, with or without an accent, with successful stories and stories to learn from.  We’ve been able to make a close community for Latinos that use mobile technology.

Lorena’s passion and energy for journalism and people cements a commitment to transform the lives of many through the stories presented in Mujer Latina Today.

You can contact Lorena at lorena@mujerlatinatoday.com