Housing Discrimination in Ohio’s Latino Communities

Housing Discrimination in Ohio’s Latino Communities


Dear community members and leaders,

Each year, the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs (OCHLA) issues three Latino Community Reports (LCRs), which contain information, data, and resources dealing with topics relevant to Ohio’s Latino communities. Each report explores a different topic, and each one is customized to provide information by Ohio legislative districts.

From Census information, to the latest data on diabetes in Ohio’s Latino community, to the prevalence of housing discrmination against Latinos, LCRs provide the latest data to help policy makers better understand and serve their Latino constituents. Reports are made for House districts with at least 1,500 Latinos and Senate districts with 5,000 Latinos.

Highlights from the report include:

Discrimination in housing is a challenge for many in Ohio’s Latino communities. The National Fair Housing Alliance reported that there were 27,092 housing discrimination complaints in 2011 across the United States1. Of those, 32.3% were complaints of discrimination on racial grounds and a further 10.5% were based on national origin.”

“Hispanics still file complaints of housing discrimination at a much lower rate than do African Americans – even per capita. Through anecdotal evidence, it becomes clear that these discrepancies are not necessarily because Hispanics are discriminated against less-frequently per capita than Black Ohioans, but more likely because their battles with housing often stay “off the record”.

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