Back to School Shopping: A Latina Mom and Teen

It is almost that time of year… back-to-school shopping and the end of summer. Going with mom to shop is one of the biggest struggles of the year…trying to keep the balance between looking stylish while still having that magical S-A-L- E tag on it is something we just can’t agree on. This year I have been looking for certain things on my list… which are quickly shot down.

Let’s See…

The Ripped Jean: Heck No. My mother would not buy these if her life depended on it. I absolutely love the look, mostly because my mom doesn’t. The balance between elegant and rebel is something that I think would work well in my closet. It would go beautifully with my TOMS shoes, and with a flowy top. That leads me to my next one…

Oversized Tops: Another thumbs down… I think that oversized sweatshirts and tops go very well with leggings or skinny RIPPED jeans, which is something that is a BIG no-no in mom’s book. Oversized tops “hide” and “conceal” your true self… which is why I think that the balance between the tight leggings and the big shirts works well.

TOMS shoes: These shoes are what mom refers to as her grandma’s chanclas. These shoes, however casual they look, are very popular right now for a couple reasons. One, they have a one for one idea, where you buy a pair of these shoes and they give another pair of them to a child in need. That in itself is a good idea! Two, they are basically the slipper-y kind of comfy. 

While I continue to argue with my mom about these cool looks, you can find your own style online without getting into a mess at the store shopping with your mom.

Happy Hunting! Excuse me while I get my battle gear on to go shopping with mom.. wish me luck!



I’m a practical Latina mom. I am open-minded but have three principles…

1) Help your daughter to try one as many clothing pieces until she is confident with her style and don’t buy it just for peer pressure.

2) Try to find clothing that you can combine with different outfits

3) Be patient, patient, patient…Your daughter is trying to find her style and she needs your support and not your criticism.

For going back to school, I would like my daughter to buy:Two pair of jeans (NOT RIPPED!!) , maybe flare and skinny jeans, a couple shorts and skirts,different colors of t-shirts to wear with a classic blazers, scarves, jewelry and please, I’m trying to help her understand that to be active doesn’t mean that she has to wear sporty clothing.

 Unripped Jeans: If she wants a pair, I will be happy to give her my old jeans from the 80’s that I have… she’ll love the black leather.

Classic Blazer: Because…you always looks like Jacky O.

Simple Accessories: Scarves always make you sophisticated in a world that is always changing.

We have a nice relationship, we just have an emotional battle because clothes don’t always fit the way it looks on the model and she needs the support either way.

Hopefully Target is up for the challenge.




Target has come up with a lookbook of clothes for back to school shopping. You can find it right HERE.

As my mom and I hunt for bargains in Macy’s, Target and other stores, you can see which ones you like best there and find your own style for less.

Tweet at them @Target your favorites for the Back to School season, and you can use the hashtag #TargetBTS to show your 2012-2013 style.