Expect The Unexpected This Month With Utilisima

Mexican antiques expert Javier Carral and Belgian interior designer Dirk Kinet start the hunt for unique antiques and exclusive objects throughout Latin America  

Expect The Unexpected This Month With Utilisima

New York, Buenos Aires, July 11th, 2012 ― Utilísima, the Spanish-language lifestyle channel especially created for women, is offering viewers one-of-a-kind, unexpected and entertaining content this month with the premiere of“LOCOS DEL REMATE”. 

On Saturday, July 14th, Utilísima welcomes to the Mexican antiques expert Javier Carral and the Belgian interior designer Dirk Kinet on “LOCOS DEL REMATE.” The show will air every Saturday at 9:00PM (ET/PT). In this new show, these friends and colleagues combine their passion for antiques and exclusive objects to take viewers on a journey as they search for original and curious finds in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. 

Restless and curious, “LOCOS DEL REMATE” follows Carral and Kinet as they hunt for hidden treasures in fairs, bazaars, antique shops and private homes.  Later, they will sell their findings in their store to all types of clients, from swords and wrestling masks to fuel pumps, sculptures and trophies. 

“There is a wealth of antiques and unique finds in Latin America that we wanted to showcase through ‘LOCOS DEL REMATE,’” said Mariana Perez, VP and General Manager of Fox Toma 1. “We hope viewers will not only be entertained but also pick up a few lessons in the art of bargaining and antique hunting.” 

Throughout six, sixty-minute episodes, this passionate duo will meet many interesting characters. Carral and Kinet will meet Héctor Buitrago, the creator of “Aterciopelados,” who will share his recycled musical instruments. In Colombia, they’ll meet Andres Jaramillo, who will showcase original items from the recognized restaurant “Andrés Carne de Res.” In Mexico, actor Edgar Vivar will value a 3D stereoscopic camera while Alex Lora, vocalist of “El Tri”, will discover the wonders hidden in Trouvé.  Finally, in Argentina, they will visit Carlos Bilardo, former Argentine football player and coach, to obtain quotes on some of their most precious objects … and they will do the impossible to not leave empty handed. 

“We hope viewers have as much fun as we did making these episodes,” said Carral.  “We are very passionate about what we do and hope we are able to transmit our enthusiasm for antiques and unique findings with viewers,” said Kinet. 

Carral and Kinet not only unveil the story behind each piece. They also give viewers insights into the world of negotiations and bargaining—a feat that is not always easy to win. Each program is a different challenge, from getting a key object to complete their collection, to finding a piece of value hidden in a pile junk.