Feliz Año 2017- Happy Holidays!

Mensaje de Fin de Año – Happy Holidays! 

Happy Holidays!

It has been a ten year long process of learning about myself, and most of all, learning from you all. I learned from the ups and downs that come with running an online platform, going from the first few years of running a blog to my expansion to a full website over time, every year bringing new ideas, more collaboration, more community outreach than ever before for MLT.

I started as a voice for the Latina woman, I became a medium of communication, of connection, and now, I have become an online community .

Without you, I am no one, without your support and participation and reaching out, I would not have ever been Mujer Latina Today.

This is a new year, we are evolving, growing, learning. Tough times are ahead, and new challenges will present themselves.

We are honored by your continued participation in this online community.

Thank you and happy holidays!

Lorena Mora-Mowry