Luis Campos: NSHMBA-Cincinnati “Education for Success 2006”

This interview was posted in on October 25th, 2006.
>Luis Campos. VP of Human Resources of Procter & Gamble, speaks about his participation in “Education for Success” of NSHMBA

At the approach of the Seventeenth National Conference of NSHMBA (National Society of Hispanics with MBAs) and Career Expo to take place in Cincinnati, from the 26th to the 28th of October. The Local Chapter of NSHMBA joined other organizations, businesses and area schools to create “Education for Success,” a program that has become the legacy of the NSHMBA conference in Cincinnati.

The goal for the program for “Education for Success” achieved not only the participation of sixty-five high school Hispanic students to the conference, but also has provided the opportunity to meet Hispanic executives who have succeeded professionally. interviewed Luis Campos, Vice-President of Human Resources of Procter & Gamble of North America to speak about his participation in the “Education for Success” workshop.

Luis Campos is a Venezuelan native, who began working for Procter & Gamble at the age of 22 as a “foreman” at a detergent factory located in Venezuela, and now, after twenty-seven years, he is one of the Hispanic Executives carrying the highest position worldwide of Procter & Gamble.

How do you feel to having been invited to the “Education for Success” of NSHMBA?
For me it is an honor, and it gives me a great responsibility. I accepted this responsibility to try and help this youth group to show them that opportunities and methods exist, which will make their dreams come true.

What has been your philosophy or your secret for success in your profession?
I am going to answer this with what I define, or I call the five factors or commandments.

The first factor or commandment is to DARE TO DREAM. It is simple allowing no limits based on the experience of those around you, or your parents. If your parents were not professionals this does not mean you cannot be professional.”

Dare to dream! Do no set limits before the game starts (I mean, if we call life this way) and if you don’t dream, you lose even before this game started, the game of living.

My second factor or commandment is HAVE DISCIPLINE. When I listen that such and such person made it to this position or success because of his or her gook luck, I say to myself, “if they only knew all the work and sweat behind that success!” Luck, say many people, is 90% sweat and 10% of other variable, but one must have discipline, be organized, work, and be responsible.

My third factor is the fundamental of being HUMBLE. One must be humble. This is referred to, as no one is owner of the absolute truth; we all have something new to learn every day of each experience. Everyone sees things and opportunities of a different way, and we all have the opportunity to always learn.

At this time of my life, I am learning from my children, my spouse, my bosses, and my co-sponsors. I learn from everyone I interact with daily. My parents taught to be humble because with humbleness one never stops learning and continues to progress.

The fourth of my commandments, and for me the most important one is, that you must have COURAGE. No one should be afraid in life because if you lack courage, no one can dare to dream.

Fear defeats humbleness, and when one believes in something, it is said, expressed, and one must fight for what is believed. Only with courage we contribute with our best, whether as an employee, leader, at home, and everything you do.

The last of my commandments is: NEVER, NEVER QUIT. I did not say this, Winston Churchill said it: Never, Never, quit.

I believe, fundamentally that when we are learning to walk as children, we learn from the more important lessons in life. What happens is, we forget it. This lesson is that at every fall, we are required to get back up again, and must learn from each fall. If we do not learn, this means that we lack discipline, we are not humble, and we have no courage. We learn so to walk; we must walk so in life, ready to fall while learning and getting back up again, no matter how painful the fall.

What was the answer from the students regarding your presentation?
Some students approached me to tell me they were attracted to the simplicity and clearlyness of the rules, which were not difficult to achieve or to understand.

When I was as a foreman in the factory, I worked different shifts, and I had conflicts with my parents. My parents wished for me to be in a higher position. My answer to them was always “I am learning and growing professionally.”

Are you participating in the event “Education for Success” at the NSHMBA National Conference?
Yes, I am going to attend for many reasons: First as Vice-President of Human Resources in North America; second, as a Hispanic and who can acquire Hispanic talent for the company and third, for the reason of being a citizen of Cincinnati.

I have many reasons to be part of this event and make it a complete success; is good for the city, companies, and the community.

While we count on the youth who need guidance, help in their progress, and go places where there is no other way for them; we are committed to help. It is our civic duty.

Do you believe that “Education for Success” may become an annual event?
The help must come from different sources. I am involved with the “”Latino Multicultural Center” managed by NKU who works with organizations such as, “Su Casa” and “Centro de Amistad” in helping Hispanic children from early age to university level.

This year, I was co-Chairman of the “Hispanic Scholarship Fund Gala” and we have worked to make sure that if we do not help our youth now, we will have problems in the future.

Luis Campos concludes our interview reminding the Hispanic youth that “Triumph can be achieved.”