Blanca Fauble, talks about Ford Motor Company’s multicultural strategies

This interview was published in on December 1st, 2006.

Blanca Fauble was interviewed by Lorena Mora-Mowry during the 17th annual NSHMBA Conference and Career Expo celebrated in Cincinnati.


Lorena Mora-Mowry had the opportunity to talk to Blanca Quiñonez-Fauble, Multicultural Alliance Director and Team member of Ford Motor Company North American Strategic Operations

Blanca was born in Lima, Perú and has a degree on Industrial Relations and Personal Management from Iowa State University. She is currently the person in charge of maximizing, coordinating and creating multicultural strategies between Ford Motor Company’s organizations.

Through out her career, Blanca has contributed to the professional and personal improvement of Latin women and her leadership has been recognized through different awards. Blanca is a tireless volunteer for local community organizations and national organizations that support Latinos.

How did Blanca achieve such important occupation?
As we said in the conference, each one of us has to continuously study and work with a lot of integrity. To know the people where you work, not only the colleagues, but also the people that work for you or the ones you work for. To be up to date on the situations and changes that affect the industry where one works and is also important to be connected with the community.

Which are the multicultural strategies that Ford offers to increase the economic and social opportunities within the Latino community?
Ford offers different opportunities to help the Latino community in general. We have a philanthropy fund and we donate money to different causes, especially to education. An example is “Ford Partnership for Advance Studies” (Ford PAS), an educational program for high school kids.

The company invests on the schools where the majority of the students are minorities and do not have the advantages that other schools have. We teach them with interactive courses and subjects such as mathematics, analytical and critical thinking; which are areas where many schools do not have the money to focus in, but are fundamental to standing out on the workplace, the university and upper level studies afterwards.

We also help women that participate on Ford’s inside programs, for example, the professional women organization. We also have the ¨Employment Resource Groups” that is a program dedicated specifically to Hispanics – Ford Hispanic Network Group.

What has Blanca learned at the Corporate World?
As women we have so much passion for different subjects, when this passion gets in the middle of a decision making process, we generally become more subjective. That is when one has to control those passions so that one is not perceived as an emotional person, but an effective, rational and objective person.

Likewise, when one has good ideas, the important thing is to know how to present them. Then it is time to invest a lot on one’s presentations so that the ideas are well focused and they go straight to the point. In general, people that work on corporations like things to be concrete, succinct and short.

Collaboration, adaptation, personalization, diversity and motivation are good Leadership elements that give results. Think of the possibilities and have a good attitude, which only you can control.

What is your next step on NSHMBA?
With the new leadership on the organization, we are going to see a new focus towards professional and personal development of the members.

I personally want to keep contributing to the organization and the leadership of such. I also want to propose two things:

First, to increase the scholarship funds and second, to see what can we do to inspire the young man and women go to college and earn a degree. A mentor is needed, so when the time is right for the students to begin their MBA, they will have guidance, and push them. When one works, has a family, and has other tasks to take care of, is hard to move forward. Having a mentor who gives support and to help stay keep on track with their studies. Those are the two areas where I would like to put more of my energy.

I would also like that the scholarships would last more than a year. On the contrary they should accompany the student until s/he is finished with his university education until s/he starts working on a corporation. That way, we can make sure that they are being hired by the corporations and valued by their enormous talent.

What is your advice to the immigrant women who do to what to do with their new life in the U.S.?
Sometimes is good to be involved as a member of the board of an organization that help the community because you meet people that can help you develop a project or who will give you opportunities to engage different roles or occupations that will allow you to do something that you have not done before. There is no much risk, because the work is voluntary; nevertheless, one can develop his/her strengths and will be able to meet other leaders. They help you, you help them and that way we all help the community.

The point is that to become a voluntary is very important, because one can learn a lot of new things from its leaders, organizations and one can bring in the knowledge to one’s corporation.

As women we have talent and incredible skills, but some times we do not take the risk in using those talents and someone has to push you so that you can do it, and that is when you become stronger. You have to search for the opportunities and to give a lot of yourself, but to value yourself at the same time. What you think of yourself, others will think it too. The sky is the limit, Just do it!

How do you feel at a conference?
It gives me an incredible energy and happiness to see so many young Hispanic men and women that have such high education and who want even more education to succeed on their work life and to be helpful to the community. It is incredible.

We say good bye with the joy to have met an extraordinary woman who has succeeded in her career, and also a person that will continue helping Latinos and Latinas grow personally and professionally.