Samy, the celebrity stylist, shares the secret of his success

This interview was published in on March 12th, 2007

Not every day a famous person visits Cincinnati, especially if it is one of the top ten hairstylists of the United States. For a couple of hours, Samy was promoting his hair product line “Samy” before more than one hundred fifty managers of the different Walgreens in Ohio. was invited to interview Samy, one of the most famous and influential Latino entrepreneurs in United States and in the world.

We had the opportunity to talk to Samy, a cordial man who invited us to talk about more about his dreams and his life.

Who is Samy?
“ I am a creator, a beauty expert, a person who has dedicated his whole life to embellish through products that truly are able to solve the problem for each hair type.”

How did Samy become a hairstylist?
“Imagine, since I was eight years old, I already knew what I wanted to be. For me, to look at hair is like looking at the sea; is something that excites me and fills me with passion. My purpose is to embellish because I have always said: There are no ugly women; there are only woman that do not know how to use cosmetics and hairstyling well. I find beauty in each person and believe that there is beauty in all human beings and that is the key to my success.”

What is the most impressive thing about a woman? Meaning, what makes a woman pretty?
“I believe it is a combination of several things; in the first place, her attitude, because a good attitude opens many doors. Physically, I believe that pretty hair says everything, either thin or curly, as long as it is taken care of and with the nice haircut.”

How can you have a perfect haircut?
“Many people’s mistake is that they do not know what hair type they have, and sometimes they end up getting a haircut that does not go well with them.

But the important thing, is to put together a person’s lifestyle, with the hair type and their personality. There are women who have a lot of time to dedicate it to their hair, and others want something that is fast, simple and that makes them look good.

My secret for good hair is that it must be easy, manageable and sexy, and of course, that use Samy’s Hair Products.”

How did you come up with the idea of creating a hair product line?
“I wanted to have products that didn’t have either wax or residue or accumulation. Ninety and nine percent of the products tha

There wasn’t either in stores; professional products with the quality of a beauty salon that were not low-priced. In order to have a spectacular shampoo, or a special treatment, you must go to an expensive beauty salon, and pay sky-high prices.

What I did, was to put twenty-five years of my creativity, and my professionalism, in each bottle that you purchase.”

Do you have a line of hair products for men?
“The important thing is: That my products are for women… and men. I am giving quality. If you are a man with dry hair, mistreated, thin, and fragile, my products will work on you. If I make products for men, to satisfy their ego, Well, I could change it to a black box with gray letters, to say they have a touch of masculinity, but, it would be the same product.”

Why are you visiting Walgreens in a tour to the United States?
“Walgreens was the first that opened the doors to me, and that is why I do this. I am very thankful for Linda Conway in Chicago: she was the one that had confidence to put my hair products in Walgreens. “

After Cincinnati, Samy will be visiting Lexington‘s, Las Vegas’s, Los Angeles’s and San Antonio’s Walgreens. “According to Samy, “ if they open a Walgreens on the moon, my products will be there, because where there is a Walgreens, there are Samy hair products. “

The Samy hair products are in more than six thousand Walgreens in the United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. In the category of “Styling” the Samy products are the best sold, and he hopes that FAT Hair “0″ Calories will become another one of Walgreens’s Best-Sellers.

How did you get your name to be recognized …like a line of products for all the women?
“That is the most important, it can be a woman from anywhere. I have made products for the universal hair. Hair has neither sex nor a frontier. I, definitely, have dedicated myself to make the Samy brand as a sign of respect at worldwide level.

My products are sold with the other products, there are no special sections, they are at the same level as the best products of the world.”

The Samy hair product line is sold in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the South Africa, the Baltic countries and Europe.

Do you never stop growing? Why the eagerness to keep going ahead?
“God gives opportunities to all of us. We finished opening the first “Signature Salon” in Lincoln Road, South Beach, Florida. We want to take this concept to the entire world; soon you will be seeing more Salons like that.”

How do you feel when your products are used at the Victoria Secret’s Shows and at the most important catwalks of the world?
“My hairstylist team “Salon” is doing a great job. The artistic director of my company is called “Roque” and he’s been the one in charge, to make those special events possible.

To me, it makes me proud to know, that my products are being used at the best catwalks of the world specially directed by Roque; I have all my confidence in him to represent for me.”

What is Samy’s next step?
“You are going to hear more about Samy hair products. My company’s sales are breaking barriers and growing worldwide. We have more than seventy people and, they are very passionate about Samy Products.”

Could it be that you have so much passion that it is contagious?
“You ask me that question and it fills me with joy. Our company is a young and dynamic company. We have the solidarity of the greatest families “all for one and one for all.

All of us are in the same page. I am the founder of the company. My partner Luis Delgado handles the business in a constructive and dynamic way. And my sister Sara Soliz has a lot of responsibility. Let me tell you, if a product is not one hundred percent well made, my sister will not let it pass by.

Our company’s success has been possible; Thanks to people like Luis Delgado, Sara Solíz, Yvonne Chavez, Sam, Joe, Keven and Melinda.

When you look back upon everything you have achieved, did you ever believe you were going to get this far?
“I dreamed about it. As a boy I saw myself being a celebrity stylist. My family was not wealthy, but in my house love was better than any money.

There was a lot between my mother, my father and my sister. We were poor, but rich in soul. I have learned from my parents, not to hurt anyone. I volunteer at abused women’s centers and I encourage them to pursue their dreams and wishes, because I know what is to dream and to wish.

Are you living proof that dreams can come true?
Yes, I believe I’m living proof that dreams can come true through hard work. God helps to the ones that help themselves.

The United States is the land of opportunities. If you want to be successful, just do it, don’t limit yourself. There are people who always walk with a black cloud above them, but remember, the sun can shine for all of us.

Your interview is very important because people can see that dreams can come true. I am not a better hair stylist than anybody else, but I am a hard working person that has a talent that God gave me; I am a beauty expert.

People ask me why is it that I am not a soap opera artist and I tell them no. I am expert in beauty, end of story, nothing more, and nothing less. That is what I am, this is what I do: Beauty, hair and to embellish.

Where does Samy live?
“Samy lives in an airplane. At 35 thousand feet high, that is the highest house in the United States and that is what I like. Every two months I go to Europe to make my TV shows in Germany and England.”

What message do you have for the Latina woman?
“The Latina woman lives under her own shadow and is the victim of her own life. The blame is nobody’s, but her own.

You have to lift yourself up. Perhaps your Dad or where you were born, made you feel that way. You must stop feeling pity for yourself and turn yourself around and get out from under your own shadow and find your happiness.

Whenever you look in the mirror, it is very important to love yourself. Latina women are not taught to love themselves.

Remember, many women listen to their husband say they cannot make the money, because that is his job. But look, who is the one that washes, irons and clean. That is work too and it must be given value.

The day that you tell your husband that you are going to go to work, you must take action. “

Which star has the hair you love the most?
For me the stars are the ones that are reading your article right now.

Unfortunately we just ran out of time, and Samy said good-bye, “with a kiss and a rib-breaking hug, and reminding Latinas, to never censure or limit themselves, and to be proud of who they are.”