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Leaders, Please share the following report with your networks. The Ohio Latino Affairs Commission has been actively involved with the taskforce and supports the important steps being implemented to strengthen Ohio’s action against Human Trafficking.


Link to Full Report:

The Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force Report includes 26 recommendations intended to compliment HB 262 in implementing strategies to help victims and prevent human trafficking. The recommendations in this report are designed to work in conjunction with Ohio’s recently passed legislation – H.B. 262 The Ohio Human Trafficking Act of 2012– which uses a three pronged approach to address the problem of human trafficking. H.B. 262 raised the penalty for committing the crime of human trafficking to a first-degree felony with a mandatory minimum sentence of 10-15 years. This penalty matches the federal statute and allows Ohio to effectively prosecute pimps and traffickers. The law created a diversion program whereby juvenile victims of human trafficking will receive the protection and treatment they need through the juvenile justice system. The law allows for adult victims of human trafficking with prior convictions of prostitution or solicitation to have their records expunged.

The task force was formed to marshal the resources of the state of Ohio to coordinate efforts to identify and rescue victims, to create a coordinated law enforcement system to investigate these crimes, and to provide the services and treatment necessary for victims to regain control of their lives. Eleven state agencies are members of the task force and have worked to identify service gaps and make recommendations for filling those gaps. The task force seeks to complement the work already being done to fight human trafficking around Ohio, and benefits from the expertise of members of Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Human Trafficking Commission in the creation of this report.

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