The Other festival took place in New York City on Saturday June 11th at Spring studios in downtown Manhattan. Founded by Dee Poku the Founder and CEO of WIE, an innovative women’s leadership and empowerment network. WIE curates dynamic conversations with powerful industry leaders via its global conferences and salons, all designed to inspire emerging women leaders.

The event was Filled with young and old women and men looking for that extra boost in their careers and some tips and suggestions about how to make it through digital platforms.

The event was a cozy and very personable event where people asked questions, got to meet their idolized celebrity after their talks, weather it was Kitty Cash who is a young and very smart DJ who has a great following or someone like Rosario Dawson who is outspoken and very real, how she created her brand and how she helps the world little by little.

Rosario Dawson  - Studio 189A Celebrity activist Rosario Dawson has been serving her community for almost as long as she can remember. Born into a very vocal and liberal-minded family, she was raised to believe that social change is not only possible—it’s necessary. Now she and Abrimah Erwiah have created studio 189, a platform for different artisans to create products and then bring them into the value chain.

Also Naomi Campbell rised to the occation and spoke about her career and how she felt about who she has become in the midst of this digital world. having to learn how to snap chat and instagram. She spoke with Anne Fullenwider Editor in Chief of Marie Claire Magazine about how Instagram has changed fashion and where she sees it going. Also Film maker and activist Gelila Bekele and Karen Wong (Deputy Director, New Museum) went on Stage to talk about Gelila’s newest documentary and how she after being a model has become and activist and a believer in that if we all come together with our true voices we can change the future.

The Festival closed at 6:30 pm and then went into its concert program which was a coachella type concert with many young and up and coming talented artists. It was a truly inspirational day.

Images credit:  JN el