Maya – Zapotec Cultural Encounter A meeting of two cultures

Maya – Zapotec Cultural Encounter A meeting of two cultures in one exceptional historical event (July 15 at Olvera St)  Maya – Zapotec Cultural Encounter: A meeting of two cultures in one exceptional historical event Music, dance, and folklore abound as two cultures come together

Vesper PR, Los Angeles, CA. (July 2, 2012). — A social event like no other is about to take place in Los Angeles as the descendants of Maya and Zapotec and that of Central American (Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras) cultures unite at the Maya – Zapotec Cultural Encounter on July 15, 2012 at the historic Placita Olvera in downtown Los Angeles, starting at 11:00 am to 8:00p.m. A press conferencewill be held on Friday July 13 at 10:30 a.m. at Centro EEK’Mayab located at 6027 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Click here to listen to author Marte Trejo Sandoval Presenting renowned Maya Priest Don Manuel Xicum & “Profecías y mitos de los mayas” (Prophecies & Mayan myths) by author Marte Trejo Sandoval Mayan Priest Don Manuel Xicum will be holding special sessions during the event on Sunday for the audiences whom wish to have a special spiritual encounter with him.

More than 15,000 people are expected to attend this one-of-a-kind event in which two pre-Hispanic cultures with different languages but proximity, craftsmanship and more in common will come together in one full day of history and entertainment as the Maya and Zapotec civilizations are recognized, honored and experienced by all attending.

As it happened centuries ago, the two cultures will share gastronomy, music, poetry, folklore, art, and more in this event that will include the participation of the Mexican states of Yucatan and Oaxaca, and the countries from Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras) with the intent to celebrate important cultural roots that have the power to interest youth, keep them away from the streets, and bring them to a positive, educational environment that fosters creativity and self-understanding through cultural activities and presentations.

The Maya – Zapotec Cultural Encounter program includes Felipe Mireles and Jackeline Cacho as Masters of Ceremony. Activities will kick off with a Civic act (national anthems of both the USA and Mexico), a welcome in Mayan and Zapotecan languages and inaugural remarks by event organizers. Entertainment will follow starting with representative dances, including Danza del Venado, Danza Zapoteca, Danza de la Pluma, music by troubadour Jorge Gamboa Patrón and Maya Priest Don Manuel Xicum and renowned author Marte Trejo Sandoval. Also participating with individual performances are Ballet de Tunkas (a folk group from Yucatan), Alma del Valle (a music group from Oaxaca), Grandeza Mexicana (folkloric group), Dino Castro (Oaxaca singer), and Adriana “La Morelia de California” (Oaxaca singer), plusOaxaca artists the siblings Maricruz Sibaja, Calixto Sibaja and Mario Sibaja. Maya – Zapotec Cultural Enounter is presented by Centro Cultural Eek Mayab, Federacion Alianza de Clubes Yucatecos USA, Asociacion Oaxaqueña de Negocios and Centro Cultural Oaxaca USA, all organizations whose missions focus around preserving and promoting the knowledge and understanding of their cultural roots within today’s society.