Honoring Estée Lauder tradition, the iconic brand has once again developed a glamorous collection of pressed powder compacts and solid perfume compacts that are perfect treasures to gift loved ones this season.

This year’s collection is focused on bringing back the glamour and glitz of Estée Lauder’s heritage compacts and interpreting them in a new and modern way. Each luxurious piece is ornamented in a dazzling golden compact with extravagant Swarovski crystals, capturing the style and extravagance of the brand.

This season’s solid perfume compacts feature Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse, pleasures, Beautiful and Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia fragrances in beautifully adorned keepsakes.

To date, more than 1,600 one-of-a-kind compacts have been created and thousands sold worldwide. The original collection, which serves as this season’s inspiration, is catalogued and archived at Estée Lauder’s headquarters in New York City.

Availability: The Estée Lauder Compact collection will be available for a limited time at select Estée Lauder counters nationwide for Holiday 2015.

News and Images credit: Estée Lauder

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