Lawmaker says arrests affirm value of Ohio’s Human Trafficking Laws

COLUMBUS- Today, Ohioans were made aware of the arrests of 150 people and the recovery of 105 children involved in child prostitution rings in 76 cities across the country, including the city of Toledo. After hearing of the arrests and subsequent recoveries, Rep. Fedor (D-Toledo) issued the following statement:

“I am grateful for the continued efforts to rescue victims from criminals who profit from these detestable crimes. It is imperative for lawmakers and law enforcement to remain committed to protecting Ohioans from the scourge of human trafficking. My legislation, Sub. H.B. 130, is designed to explicitly prevent and protect minors in the State of Ohio from becoming victims by punishing the criminals who partake in these heinous crimes.”

FBI agents and local police recovered 105 children during the operation at truck stops, motels, casinos and other places where they were held against their will for prostitution, officials said. The suspects are expected to face state and federal charges related to sex crimes and human trafficking, FBI and U.S. Justice Department officials said at a news conference. The sweep, conducted in the past three days, represents the largest-ever operation of its kind.

For the past eight years, Rep. Fedor has been a leading advocate in the fight against human trafficking, and is now urging lawmakers to pass Sub. H.B. 130, the End Demand Act. In 2012, the General Assembly passed Rep. Fedor’s sponsored, Safe Harbor Act – a victim centered bill aimed at providing protection, prosecution and prevention.