Rep. Teresa Fedor Vows to “Finish What We Started” As Human Trafficking Legislation Passes House Unanimously

Sub H.B. 130, The End Demand Act, to go to Senate Chamber

COLUMBUS- State Rep. Teresa Fedor (D- Toledo) applauded today’s unanimous passage of Sub. H.B. 130 in the Ohio House of Representatives. After undergoing a handful of changes, the bill remains strong in an effort to combat human trafficking by addressing the demand side of commercial sex.

“I am pleased and encouraged to see this bill pass out of the House with such strong support,” said Rep. Fedor. “I’m committed to finishing what was started with the passage of H.B. 262 –Safe Harbor Act. Addressing the criminal market for sex is critical to preventing the expansion of human trafficking in our communities.”

Substitute House Bill 130 was unanimously approved by the House Judiciary Committee and garnered support from the Office of the Ohio Attorney General, The Ohio Prosecuting Attorney’s Association and several members of law enforcement.

 Key provisions of the End Demand Act include harsher penalties for the solicitation of minors; removing the need to prove compulsion, prohibiting the purchase of advertising space of a minor for sexual activity for hire, increasing the statute of limitations, terminating parental rights and restricting the use of “massage” and related terms in advertisements by unlicensed professionals.