Nominate Latino Veterans for Recognition!

Community Leaders;

At yesterday’s board meeting, OCHLA Commissioners heard public commentary from Karen Kish and Christo Lassiter of the Ohio Department of Veterans Services. They both work with the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame. They informed Commissioners about the Hall’s purpose, its history and, more saliently, its lack of Latino inductees.

The Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame has inducted very few Ohio Hispanics. Though the presenters were under the impression the Hall had no Latino inductees, current state Representative Rick Perales, of Beavercreek, is one. Ms. Kish and Mr. Lassiter implored the Commission to solicit more nominations for Ohio Latinos.

Nominees must have been honorably discharged from some branch of the U.S. military, and gone on to a distinguished career in Ohio after their discharge. Their career could be in any of a broad array of fields – public service through elected office, public advocacy, running a successful entrepreneurship or non-profit – anything. Induction into the Hall is based primarily on that distinguished career after military service. The focus is on recognizing veterans’ contributions rather than distinguished military service.
As you’re aware, Latinos are one of the most decorated demographic groups for military service, and Ohio Latinos are no exception. There are approximately 11,000 Latino veterans living in Ohio. That only one or a few inductees in Ohio’s Veterans Hall of Fame are Latinos is unacceptable.
The Commission will work with the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame to screen potential candidates from among the annual Latino Military Service of Distinction Award. We will also be linking to the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame on our own website.  We ask community members that know of a veteran who’s gone on to success after his military career, to please nominate him or her. Help OCHLA to help the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame to more accurately reflect the valuable contributions of Ohio’s Latino veterans.

You can nominate people for induction here, and learn more about the Hall as well. Nominations for the 2013 class must be submitted by June 30. For more information, contact:

Karen Kish
77 South High Street, 7th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: (614) 752-8941
Fax: (614) 728-9498

If instead you need to reach me, please don’t hesitate.



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