A Director’s Journey From East LA to Hollywood

Jesús Salvador Treviño kindly accepted the invitation to share his life story with Lorena Mora-Mowry.

Mr. Treviño is an award-winning director/writer/producer whose television directing credits include episodes of Prison Break, Star Trek: Voyager, Bones, E-Ring, NYPD Blue, Third Watch and ER. He also is known for his landmark

documentary Yo Soy Chicano, his groundbreaking feature Raices de Sangre and the first Latino themed dramatic series on cable, Dennis Leoni’s Resurrection Blvd. Recently he received a Lifetime Achievement Awardfrom the Directors Guild of America and he is a member of the DGA National Board of Directors 2009-2011 and The Latino Committee of the DGA.

Mr. Treviño talks about being raised in East LA, his childhood, and how it was like to be a Mexican-American during the fifties and sixties. Also,  Mr. Treviño talks about how he hated himself in junior high for being Mexican American and how the Chicano movement helped him understand that he was in denial of who he was. He also share his thoughts about the challenges that kids in East LA are facing today.

Mr. Treviño talks about how he was inspired to start making and directing movies, his works as a writer, producer, and director of non-fiction documentaries and fiction-dramas. He ends this part by talking about Latinos in Hollywood and his new arts, history and culture website LatinopiaUSA.com .

Mr. Treviño finish this interview giving a message for the Hispanic / Latino community of the Midwest and  talking about his new documentary based ontheVision of Aztlán.