What inspired this collection?

This collection is a modern take on two classic spring shades – pink and red. When worn together, the combination is really fresh and high fashion. Pink and red are simply a lot of fun to mix together. This collection isn’t about matching your lips to your cheeks and nails. It’s about deliberately mismatching. Pink & Red is a great collection to create a new look for yourself to wear on Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year or beyond.

How did you choose these pink and red shades?

The pinks in this collection are gorgeous and bright – not pastel, not raspberry, but true pinks that flatter all skin tones. The reds are blue reds and not orange reds, that’s why they look so good with any of the pinks. Plus, the blue reds instantly make teeth look whiter.

Any tips on how to apply this collection?

The red and pinks are great because you can pair them with a clean eye, a strong eye, or a smokey eye. But just be sure to use neutrals like grey, black and brown eye shadows with the pink or red. It doesn’t work with blue, green or purple eye looks. Also, you can customize your lip look by layering Pretty Pink Sheer Lip Gloss on top of Hot Creamy Matte Lip Color. 

What’s the best way to apply nail polish?

There are no rules to painting your nails so choose a color that you feel best suits your personality and look. Personally, I like to turn nails into an accessory. For a pretty mismatched look, paint one or two nails on each hand a different color than the rest. For example, apply Valentine Red Nail Polish to nails but reserve Pink Valentine Nail Polish for your ring finger.