From an Italian Woman’s Perspective

By Veruska  

… Sex, Food and Frustrations..

The idea was in origin a serious article on the meaning of food in different cultures.



And in any case it’s also a subject  already discussed thousand  of times by minds much more glorious of mine… 

But soaking in my hot tub trying to relive my  fat pillows  I have reconsidered the issue.

The curse of our times is the food and as a result of it  we are over weighted ..

Here in America where people is not eating well, just quickly, and they  do not understand the meaning of being at table with joy, it is a problem even more serious. 

 IF your belly overlaps the jeans and you can not close  it anymore and  the belly is visible despite the shaper ware…..

 If  You are  looking  horrified  in the mirror and  you   are  not recognizing  yourself,

 you know what is the first thing you do instinctively, don’t you?

 You are going to  open the fridge 

The food is for many people a comfort and a curse. 

To break the vicious cycle , is it really possible? 

We Europeans, without any shame, we would recommend a treatment based on sex. 

(The Europeans, especially the Italians, talk about sex and politics with extreme openness, and these topics  are used regularly  to make  the verbal  approach to others easier and more fun ) 

You have to admit that treatments based on sex  works, but in Ohio where being conservative and bigotry prevents people to live free, (does freedom really exist? ) the frustration goes hand in

hand with the accumulation of fat. 

The result is seen walking around the streets . 

A recent  American survey also shows that women prefer food to sex… 

The deadly combination of a frustrating life and  lack of sex , makes  American women particularly prone to obesity.. 

What if we’d go  out for a walk, instead of falling  into the temptation of the next   ice cream can ?

Day after day as the frustration leaves, You will discover  the joy to fit  back into your  old  favorite jeans , and who knows if you will meet some handsome young man while walking…  

All that said even without considering  the cost that  governments face to take care of the obesity every year. 

Not that obese people do not exist in Europe . But let’s say that our sense of beauty coupled with the Mediterranean diet help us to take better care of ourselves. 

The sense of beauty of course varies from continent to continent, from culture to culture and it is primarily influenced by the times.

 I often took into account the ‘hypothesis many women in this country choose to  not knowingly care about their beauty perhaps even eager to escape the dictates of fashion and magazines.

They would  make them slaves of continuous sacrifices like diets and extreme exercising .

And here we would return to the starting point…

 Does fashion and beauty help to make us frustrated? 

It’s again a vicious circle

And this brings me to an other consideration.. 

 if fashion  leads to frustration then maybe  does freedom consist  of ignoring  fashion? 

A solution might be to try to find your own style, an independent way of living and thinking. 

The way to be curvy but healthy  (maybe curvy women don’t well accept the rules of   fashion trying to  have all of us anorexic ..) is to find emotionally the ‘balance within ourselves.  

An equilibrium of your soul does not drive you  to tuck in food to keep you quiet.

Combining the joy of being yourself free from rules imposed by others, you free up yourself from frustrations and automatically reduce your need for food. You feel fitter, more beautiful and more joyful…

Reinventing yourselves, having fun with your appearance, discovering, developing and enjoying creating your own style as the protagonists of your own live and not spectators  

 … the cycle is reversed in a positive way!