Dreams and Excess Words

By Veruska

Walking through the streets of the world I am meeting empty eyes, faces withered like flowers without water, quick steps and indifference.

Each lost in their own thought, in their problems in their lives.

Everything is proper, even the solitude.

The real sense of family, community, has shrunk so much to become a unique one unit.

Just me.

Nothing else.

Everyone is talking about depression, pangs of loneliness, sadness and the loss of values as a huge loss.

And while they  speak using words they don’t know the meanings of, I watch them… and they scare me.

People’s bodies speak more than their words .

They might think they can get away selling phrases from who knows which book…

they hide behind a facade of respectability, doing some volunteer work, acting new age philosophies, but the sadness is that very often they don’t know the face of their neighbor, or worse, they don’t know how to stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy the nature all around them.

People talk.

They talk so much, maybe to not be forced to make a reality all the things they are talking about… ..

Who knows, maybe even I am doing the same…

maybe, instead of making an intelligent observation, I am just celebrating myself through words….

And if in the silence, in the ‘immensity of ourselves’, we had all the answers?

I wonder if at least at that point in the eyes of the people I would happen to see the glimmer of the divine life that should be ..

I am so tired to live in this matrix, and so hopeful to finally find a place where the human being is already the most important “ thing “ of the life..

A life where to be is more important than what you have, or where you work.

I dream about a world where enjoy and celebrate their life in real freedom and love