OCHLA NEWS: Ohio Attorney General Needs Your Help!

OCHLA and the consumer Protection office at Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office need your help.  Both agencies have heard rumors from the community of various scams involving “notarios” and other schemes. 

Lately, we’ve heard about these con men offering “international driver’s licenses” for sale to Ohio Latinos.  Not only is would such a document fail to provide adequate official identification, presenting one as such is fraud – a deportable offense.  To further complicate this scheme, these “licenses” are on offer for several hundred or even thousand dollars.

Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office is dedicated to protecting Ohio consumers from scams like these, but his enforcement office cannot act without an investigation.  We know through anecdotal evidence that these licenses are being offered for sale, but A.G. DeWine’s office cannot pursue action against these con artists without evidence from the community.  Because Ohio Latinos are the key targets of this scam, Ohio Latinos are the key constituents that must bring examples of this scam to light.  Please distribute this important message to your networks, and if you or someone you know knows of an example of advertising or sale of these international driver’s licenses, please contact me.  Alternatively, consumers with information on this scam can file a complaint here.

You can find more information on the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection initiatives here.

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