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White House Honors Raise the Wage “Champions of Change”

WASHINGTON, DC – On Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 1:00PM, the White House will honor local “Champions of Change,” leaders and ordinary Americans taking action to raise wages for working women and men around the country. The honorees are activists, advocates, business owners and workers who are looking to reestablish the basic promise that no American working 40 hours a week should have to live in poverty.


The White House: Year of Action Updated Progress Report

Background from a White House Official: Six months after the President declared 2014 a Year of Action, the White House will release an updated Progress Report today detailing the more than 40 actions the President and his administration have taken since January to build real, lasting economic security for the middle class and expand opportunities in order for every hardworking American to get ahead. A copy of that report is attached.


Hoja Informativa e Informe: Estados Unidos y Chile: Una Sociedad Estratégica

Hoy, el Presidente Barack Obama recibió a la Presidenta chilena Michelle Bachelet Jeria en la Casa Blanca. La reunión subrayó la larga asociación entre Estados Unidos y Chile, arraigada en un fuerte compromiso con las tradiciones democráticas; la integración económica y la apertura de mercados; el aumento de la cooperación en áreas como energía, ciencia y tecnología, y educación; y en hacer frente a los problemas mundiales de seguridad y desarrollo. La visita resaltó nuestra cooperación en las siguientes áreas:


Presidente Obama convertirá en ley Medalla de Oro a los Borinqueneers en ceremonia especial el 10 de junio

Washington, DC- El presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack  Obama, convertirá en ley el próximo martes, 10 de junio, el proyecto que concede la Medalla de Oro Congresional al Regimiento 65 de Infantería- los Borinqueneers, anunció hoy el Comisionado Residente en Washington, Pedro Pierluisi. 


Rep. Fedor's "End Demand Act" Passes Senate Unanimously

Bill goes a long way towards reducing demand for commercial sex with minors

COLUMBUS- State Rep. Teresa Fedor’s (D-Toledo) End Demand Act, Sub. House Bill 130, passed today by a vote of 32-0 in the Ohio Senate. Throughout the legislative process, the bill has been changed through efforts from both sides of the aisle.

“The efforts in the Senate were pretty serious and incredible,” said Rep. Fedor. “We came out with a strong bill–one that builds upon the progress that we’ve made in combatting human trafficking through House Bill 262 and others. We’ve moved the needle in reducing demand.”

The bill is now ready to be signed into law by Governor Kasich.

“This legislation is the result of years of hard work. The goal since the passage of House Bill 262 has been to tackle the market-driven demand for purchasing commercial sex by improving and sustaining policies and passing laws focused on the buyers of illegal sex, as well as providing law enforcement more tools to combat this crime. The bill increases penalties for purchasing sex from a minor from a misdemeanor to a felony–requiring offenders to register as tier two sex offenders, prohibits the advertisement of massage with the promise of sexual activity, restricts the use of ‘massage’ and related terms in advertising, and terminates parental rights for those found trafficking their children, among other things,” continued Rep. Fedor.

Rep. Fedor was taken aback eight years ago by the shocking report of a trafficking ring in which 77 victims came from Toledo, Ohio. Of those, 38 victims were under 18 years of age and one was only 10 years old. Since then, she has been determined to pass bipartisan legislation, saying that it’s a “humanitarian issue” that no one can turn their back on. The bill contains an Emergency Clause and therefore is immediately enacted upon the signature of Governor Kasich.

“No political lines are involved when there’s a violation of human rights–you can’t deny the truth. We are taking part in the modern-day abolition movement and we have moved the ball forward in so many different ways for victims. As legislators, we put aside partisan divisions and made the youth of our state the first priority. With the passage of this bill, we will continue to clean up this horrific crime and save victims. I want to thank the Governor’s office, Senator Eklund, Senator Kearney and the rest of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee for their hard work on this bill,” said Rep. Fedor.



Obama Administration Launches Online Veterans Employment Center...

At today’s anniversary celebration of Joining Forces, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden announced the launch of a new integrated employment tool to connect veterans and service members with employers, and to help translate military skills into the civilian workforce.  The Veterans Employment Center, an integrated, online tool connecting veterans, transitioning service members and their spouses with both public and private-sector employers, is the result of an interagency effort to improve, simplify and consolidate the current array of employment resources for veterans.  Additionally, this will provide one comprehensive database of resumes for employers who are seeking to leverage the skills and talents of veterans, service members, and their spouses.


Expanding Opportunity for All: Ensuring Equal Pay for Women and Promoting the Women’s Economic Agenda

When women succeed, our families succeed and America succeeds. President Obama believes that ensuring that women earn equal pay for equal work is essential to improving the economic security of our families and the growth of our middle class and our economy.  Women compose nearly half of the American workforce – yet, according to the latest U.S. Census statistics, on average, full-time working women still earn 77 cents to every dollar earned by men. 

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    ¿Disco Rayado o Disco Pegado?

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