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New Initiative to Provide All Students Access to Great Educators

U.S. Department of Education Launches ‘Excellent Educators for All Initiative’

As part of its efforts to ensure that all students have equal access to a quality education, today the U.S. Department of Education is announcing the launch of the Excellent Educators for All Initiative. The initiative will help states and school districts support great educators for the students who need them most.


The Key Factor that will lead more Hispanics to Higher Education and Prosperity

By Eric Melchor @Melchor_Eric

Did you know that 21% of US adults have at least one tattoo? In addition, 21% of Americans say they would go without sex for a whole year in order to maintain access to the Internet. Now I don’t have a tattoo, but I am part of the 21% of Hispanics who have an associate degree or higher. And 21%...  is not enough.

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