Dear Ohio Latinos for Obama Council members and supporters,

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work to help reach out to our Latino community to re-elect our President, Barack Obama. As I said at the start of the creation of the Council and supporters, I have learned through time that each person has their own unique skills, gifts and abilities that helps to create a complete circle, or the whole, necessary to reach a common goal. Each one of you in your own special way had a critical role to play within your unique community. You should all be VERY proud of the work you have done. WE, together, helped deliver Ohio for our President. Thank you!

There is a report being drafted by a national organization that I believe will be published tomorrow. This report will highlight the Latino vote in battle ground states including Ohio. What I have learned so far from the report, as well as from the Latino Decision report, is that 82% of Ohio Latinos voted for President Obama while 17% voted for Romney. On a national level, 71% voted for President Obama. Our Ohio numbers are significantly higher so thanks to all of you!!  As soon as I receive a copy of the nation organization’s report, I will send it to you. However, see link to the interactive Latinos Decision poll at:

Our voices were loud and clear in Ohio and across the nation, and it is now when we, Latinos in Ohio, must continue to use our voice and influence in helping to raise our community as a whole to a different political level for state and national policies that affect our community. Although emails won’t be as frequent, rest assured that this list will not be dismantled and after we get a little rest, you will continue to hear from me so that WE together, can help our President move America forward these next four years.

Obamanos todos unidos!

Isabel (Isa) 

Isabel Framer 

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