A champion of digital / social media and technologies for almost 11 years, with a track record as a content creator. Has been successfully  connecting, informing, educating, and inspiring the Hispanic / Latino virtual community in Ohio, the Midwest, across the United States, and internationally.

Since 2006, Lorena works as a Social Media / Digital content creator at MujerLatinaToday.com 

Lorena has interviewed Latino executives, civil rights activists, people in the arts, elected officials, community leaders / non-profit organizations as well as everyday immigrants.

Lorena Mora-Mowry

Why do we need to share our stories ?

“Because we often forget that the stories of everyday, hardworking Latinos need to be told. These stories can inspire future generations.  When people see MujerLatinaToday.com they see the faces and hear the voices of Latinos of every shape and color, with or without an accent, with successful stories and stories to learn from.  We’ve been able to make a close community for Latinos that live in “la vida mobile and digital” – Lorena

Contact: lorena@mujerlatinatoday.com

Learn more about Lorena at:  https://about.me/lorenamoramowry or www.linkedin.com/in/lorenamoramowry